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//Scene One// 

B Minor ft. Charlie Patton 


The Track-Instrumental 


None But Me 


The End 


//Scene Two// 


Once More Again 




Theres Always You 


//Scene Three// 


Is It True? 




Waiting Out The Winter ft. Skyler Bready and Darlington Pairs


10 songs taken from 7 years of writing. 

Waiting Out The Winter

Long time no chat



Nitty gritty first, 

New concept album, cover art, 10 songs, collected from 7 years of writing, new studio space, old friends, new publishing company we are the proud new operators of. 

Growing kid, lots of teeth, running nose, loosing sleep. 

Beauty too. Old and new

At the end of April, we will be making our first EP “Will I Lay Beside You” available on all your favorite listening platforms. 

The following month, The end of May, we will be re-releasing our latest EP, “EP of Love Songs”.

Lastly, in June, we will be reviewing our final masters and heading to distribution. 


April - "Will I Lay Beside You"

May - "EP Of Love Songs"

June - "Waiting Out The Winter"


Thank you all so much for your amazing support. We are going to be doing a lot more videos in the following months, all with original music and videography. 


We love you lots



Production / Daniel Fox Johnston
Vocalist, cowriter / Abigail Johnston
Percussion, cowriter / Ryan Johnston
Editing, Mastering / Ace Lutz



News & Updates


June 8th

Final Spotify hosting is complete, we have been sending stems to our engineer for "Waiting Out The Winter" and getting ready for the final push for mixing and mastering. 

May 31st

Our first two projects 1) "Will I Lay Beside You" 2) "EP of Love Songs" are now available to buy and to stream from your favorite listening platforms. We are finalizing some details with our Spotify Artist account, but we are off to the races!

May 10th

We are in the process of setting up our Pledge Music site for the upcoming project. We are hoping to pre-sell some of the album, and have it help us to complete some final costs with mixing and mastering with our dear friend in Nashville, Ace Lutz.