Husband and wife duo Daniel and Abigail Johnston met, married and wrote their first songs in Jackson MS before moving to North Carolina and finally Nashville TN where they now reside. They released their first EP “Will I Lay Beside You” in May 2013 on NoiseTrade only a few months after moving from their families’ basement in North Carolina. Once in Nashville they ran into a friend from Mississippi, percussionist Josh Myers who quickly became an integral part of Fox and the Phoenix. After nearly 2 years of writing and recording their next musical project with writer/producer/engineer/friend Ace Lutz from County Q Productions in Berry Hill, “EP of Love Songs” debuted on Jan 11th 2015. They are currently writing and recording a new acoustic album which will exhibit much of their live house concert style performing. 

This is a short video about what Fox and the Phoenix have been up to since their moving to Nashville and meeting up with bandmate Josh Myers. In this video, Fox talks about what's new, what they have been working on and where they are hoping to go with their music. 

"We are excited to see what 2015 brings! Anxiously looking forward to sharing more music and artistic endeavoring. Thank you for checking out the website and for all of the love and support!"